Message From Ceo

Message From Ceo

As life expectancies grow, so does the length of time individuals will spend in retirement. Considering the average longevity, the retirement age, and the duration of retirement, making retirement plans suitable for personal requirements is assuming increasingly vital importance in Turkey which is one of the OECD countries where the expectations regarding the standards of living are becoming greater most rapidly.

We've left behind a successful ten years in Turkey with the Private Pension System which was designed to complement the existing public social security systems in satisfying the need for individuals to spend their retirement years without having to lower their living standards and meet their incidental extra expenditures.

There's no better alternative to the PPS as a long term investment and saving tool with the reassurance of the state and a host of well-audited, transparent, flexible, and customizable schemes. Economy gurus also hold up the PPS in particular as a means of boosting domestic saving rates and diminishing the current deficit.

In such a setting, a series of novelties introduced in 2013, chief among them the state subsidy, made private pension one of the premium investment tools in Turkey. We're pleased to see the system assume an increasing growth rate driven by these novelties and the PPS become a sought-after product for individuals wishing to build themselves a better future.

As a company that has laid claim to the concept of "saving" for long years, we believe that keeping the current deficit under control for a high-rate and stable growth is the prerequisite to Turkey's achieving its goal of becoming one of the top ten economies in the world by the centennial of the proclamation of the Republic. We know that pushing household savings higher is the key to battling current deficit and we regard the PPS as a remedy to current deficit because it helps cultivate a regular saving discipline in the long term.

Hence, building an awareness of "saving" and working to increase the rate of financial literacy lie in the focus of our culture of doing business. We strive to create an agenda to set in motion the revival of the "social saving" culture in our time by means of our life insurance and private pension products and we support projects to increase the rate of financial literacy especially among young people.

Combining the strengths of our partner Aviva, boasting an experience of more than 300 years in the international insurance business, and of Sabancı Holding, Turkey's local power, we work to provide the best service to our participants with our well-trained, experienced, and dynamic staff.

We secure our customers' present with our life insurance and individual accident products and their future with private pension. We offer our employees a career working for a powerful and lasting company; our shareholders a profitable growth; and our business partners the opportunity to work with one of the leading private pension and life insurance companies in Turkey.

We keep providing more and more value to our participants with our robust capital structure and our broad service network. We serve our customers across a vast bankassurance network that includes Burganbank, OdeaBank, and Abank in addition to Akbank, one of the greatest banks in Turkey. Our company remains the industry's driving force for its pioneering stance in new channels such as telesales not to mention the largest direct sale channel in the industry as well as our agents and corporate projects team which handles the participation of corporate entities in the PPS.

We at AvivaSA are always by your side in order to make your life easier by providing you with the fastest and most effective service and to safeguard the future of both you and your loved ones. And we invite you to save for your future in order to save your future.


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