We want to extend in our company the concept of volunteering, defined as individuals using their knowledge, experience and time in line with the aim of a non-governmental organization and/or for others without expecting anything in return, and to create a difference in this area.

With the belief that voluntary activities will trigger the development of society through their great contribution to the professional, personal and social development of the individual, we attach importance and provide support to these activities.

In AvivaSA, the principles of volunteering have been determined as follows:

  • Activities being relevant to the areas of priority determined in the area of CSR
  • Volunteering being represented with four volunteers on a CSR committee to be created and playing an effective role in decision-making
  • Employees using 1 work day a year in "voluntary" activities during the working hours
  • Moral rewarding and honouring
  • Maintaining communication on volunteering within and outside the company
  • Celebrating December 5, World Volunteers Day, through an event within the company

As AvivaSA, we regularly bring our employees together with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The invited NGOs share their missions and visions in training presentations. As AvivaSA, we recognize activities conducted by NGOs and encourage our employees to participate as volunteers in such activities.

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