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Our Improvements

Our Improvements

Providing the best service to our customers with our pre-sales and after-sales service assurance is our primary goal. We consider the complaints from our customers as the most important feedback in terms of improving our services. As a result of the analysis of the requests, suggestions and complaints;

  • In order to enable our BES (Private Pension System) customers to benefit more effectively from the products they have, an account statement sheet, fund bulletin and market ideas are sent to them by e-mail for the issues that need to be taken into account during their stay in the system.
  • We propose the most appropriate fund distribution every three months in line with the risk perceptions of our customers by evaluating the current market conditions with the FonPro application, a first in the sector, together with current money markets, financial analyses, past period data and expert opinions. In order to easily direct the investments of our customers and increase the returns on their savings, we also offer the FonPro app on mobile, which will help our customers decide which funds to buy and sell. Our fund information line is also available in English to assist our foreign customers in all fund information and transaction requests.
  • Within the scope of FonPro activities, we put into use our internal rate of return (IRR) based revenue tracking structure, where our customers can regularly monitor their returns, and made it available to our customers via AvivaSA Mobile.
  • AvivaSA, which protects the future of its customers, launched its new customer loyalty platform Bi'dolu online shopping site exclusively for AvivaSA customers in order to also be with them today.
  • Our average complaint resolution time is less than 2 business days. The average response time for our customers' requests made via our "musteri@avivasa.com.tr" e-mail address is 3 hours.
  • We are the first Whatsapp “Official Business App” approved pension company in Turkey.
  • We received 2 bronze medals in the "Customer Service Department of the Year" and "Customer Service Team of the Year" with our Customer Support Center at the "Stevie Awards", which awards successful organizations and managers recognized in the world.
  • We received the "Best Remote Customer Experience Award", "Best Remote Call Center with 101 – 499 seats Most Commendable Call Center" awards at the IMI Turkey Call Center Awards.
  • The average satisfaction rate of our customers who submit their requests via Sikayetvar.com website is 75.05. In 2019, we received Gold award at Şikayetvar.com A.C.E (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Excellent Customer Satisfaction.
  • By analyzing the journey of our customers in sales and after-sales service processes in detail, we have created action plans using innovative technologies with the aim of improving customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • The first phase of our "Next Generation Call Center" project, which aims to meet the information and transaction requests of our customers at the first contact point and create the ideal customer experience in the Call Center, has been put into effect.
  • The CEP system, which provides instant information to our customers in order to prevent the cancellation of their products and loss of rights in case of unintentional non-collection (insufficient credit card limit, account change, expiration of credit card... etc.) has been put into use.
  • In order to make our customers feel that we are side by side with them during the pandemic process, we increased our communication frequencies and informed our customers to protect their returns.
  • During the pandemic period, we started to do almost all our transactions without paperwork.

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