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Driven by this principle, we are working hard to push our quality standards higher and make a difference in the industry. The satisfaction that you, our valuable customers, get from our services forms the basis of our Complaints Quality Policy.

  • Transparency: We create a platform where you can communicate your complaints, requests, and queries to us any time in a way that is accurate, complete, and easy to figure out.
  • Accessibility: We are ready to listen eagerly to your questions, grievances, and recommendations at our Customer Satisfaction Center at 444 11 11 and through all our other channels of communication.
  • Responsiveness: We work ceaselessly to answer your complaints, requests, and queries in the shortest possible time.
  • Objectivity: We evaluate your complaints, requests, and queries on any subject in an unbiased and fair manner because our priority is you.
  • No Charge: We do not charge anything extra for reviewing/resolving complaints and responding to requests/queries.
  • Confidentiality: We always keep your personal data confidential and never share it by any means.
  • Customer-centricity: We offer effective, realistic, and feasible solutions to you, our valuable customers, who always deserve the best. We hold your rights paramount in meeting your needs.
  • Accountability: We make a point of recording your complaints, requests, and queries in order to serve you better and we never omit reminding you of this.
  • Constant Improvement: As the most powerful company in the industry, we regularly and constantly improve all our services and introduce innovations in order to offer you better service and useful guidance.
  • Fast and Effective Solutions: We bring innovations to the industry through the efforts we spend in order to generate fast and effective solutions to meet your requirements.
  • Professionalism: Our specialized complaints management staff is at work to provide you with the best service available.
  • We all have a heartfelt attachment to each and every one of these principles because your happiness is our happiness and your future is our future.
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