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Providing our customers with the best service backed by our pre-sale and after-sale service guarantees is our priority goal. We consider customer complaints the most relevant feedback as regards the improvement of our services. Here's a rundown of the improvements we made based on an analysis of the requests, recommendations and complaints we received from our customers:

  • At present, 6% of the customer complaints are remedied instantly so you don't have to wait while a solution is being worked out.
  • You can easily access the services you need by using the keyboard on mobile apps, which cuts down the time to reach an agent from 45 seconds to 23 on the average.
  • We conduct an overall satisfaction survey by contacting our customers after the complaint review procedure is completed. The survey results are analyzed and acted upon.
  • We revised and simplified our voice response system. Our corporate customers and the customers who contact us via our Premium Service Center can receive information on their contracts using the voice response system.
  • To enable our customers to benefit more effectively from their products, we email account statements, fund bulletins and market hints to them to bring them up to speed on what they need to watch out for while they are in the system.
  • We contacted 50,136 customers since September 2015 in order to notify them of the collection problems with their accounts and made efforts to solve their problems individually.
  • A fund information line was created so that our customers could get more detailed information about their funds. This line now serves all Premium customers who press 3 on our Premium Service Center at 0216 633 3939 as well as all customers who ask questions about the returns from their funds during a call.
  • Information on our funds and fund performance is available through the investment compass added to our website. Our customers can pick the funds that best fit their profiles as determined by the Investment Profile Test.
  • An auto-enrollment menu was added to 444 1111, 0216 633 3111 (Corporate Service Center) and 216 633 3939 (Premium Service Center).Pressing 1 on the auto-enrollment menu brings up the info announcement and pressing 2 puts you through to the agent concerned. An informative announcement on auto-enrollment was added to the music on hold.
  • The transmission of emails and SMS messages to our customers was migrated to a different system infrastructure, maximizing the transmission rate of the marketing notifications.
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