The Group Pension Contract is a pension system that offers advantageous terms for your corporation.

Thanks to the special pension plans of AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat, with a lower deduction structure than the plans in the Individual Pension System, it is now much easier for the employees of your corporation to reach their retirement dreams!

You may include your employees in the system with ful corporate contributions, with corporate and employee contributions or with ful employee contributions at your choice, and secure their retirement dreams through the group pension plans of AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat.

"The Vesting-Entitlement??? practice means that employees joining the system with corporate contributions may become entitled to all of the contributions paid by their employers only under a specified period of vesting."

The employer group pension contract may include a period of up to five years before the participant may become entitled to all of the contributions paid by the employer and the returns on them.

Sözleşme Yılı Sonu İtibarıyla Asgari Hak Kazanma Oranı (%)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
1* 100
2 0 100
3 0 0 100
4 0 0 75 100
5 0 0 60 80 100
6 0 0 60 70 80 100
7 0 0 50 60 70 80 100

* Hak kazanma süresi bir yıldan az olamaz.

Click for the Vesting-Entitlement Conditions.

Within five years from 3 June 2007, provided that a resolution is adopted by the competent bodies of associations, foundations, credit unions, and professional organizations with defined legal entity, that have made pension commitments to their members or employees, the pension savings and the amounts of commitment may be partly or completely transferred to the private pension system or annuity insurances without any deduction for the entrance fee or expenses. All procedures related to transfer, including sales of immovable property, are exempt from taxes, duties and charges.

Click for the necessary steps that foundations must follow to get integrated into the PPS and for relevant Regulation.

Step 1 For transfer, a resolution must be adopted by the competent bodies of the service provider.

Step 2 Following the adopted resolution, a notice is made to the Treasury Undersecretariat.

Step 3 The electronic data set is forwarded by the service provider to the Pension Supervision Centre simultaneously with the notice made to the Undersecretariat.

Step 4 The Undersecretariat examines the information and documents sent by the service provider and evaluates the suitability of the savings for transfer and the conformity of the actuarial report to the specified principles and procedures. The matter is finalized by the Undersecretariat within three months following the completion of the documents.

  • The service provider applies to the pension company or insurance company in writing together with the transfer information and account form and sends the details of the persons included in the group to the company in the electronic medium.
  • The relevant company offers the service provider a pension plan and funds distribution suitable for the group or proposes annuity insurance; it furnishes the service provider and the members or employees with information about the features of the products it offers and the information that must be presented in accordance with the private pension or insurance legislation.
  • If the service provider accepts the proposal, it pays the transfer amount to the relevant account number of the pension company or insurance company.
  • The pension contract comes into effect as of the date on which the transferred amount enters the accounts of the insurance company, and annuity insurance in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.
  • You may easily apply for Group Pension in 5 steps.
  • With "Turnkey Delivery PPS" projects, you may receive continuous support before and after the sale.
  • For all your questions, you may call our Corporate Service Centre at 0216 633 31 11 special to group customers.
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Corporate Tax

The contributions paid by employers to the private pension system in the name of employees may be recorded directly as an expense in the calculation of commercial profit.

The amount that may be deducted may not exceed 10 % of the gross salary received by the employee in the month of contribution payment, and the annual amount of the minimum gross wages in a given year.

Income Tax

Employees may deduct 10 % of their monthly gross salaries from their tax bases on condition that such deduction does not exceed the annual amount of the gross minimum wages in a given year.

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