Hr Director Message

Hr Director Message

AvivaSA's vision aims to be a preferred corporation by creating an environment to be a source of pride for our employees while our goal is to be a reliable strategic partner offering fair, impartial, practical, rapid, and correct HR solutions and is accessible whenever needed and assumes a role as an adviser.

Each employee of our company is a valuable talent. Maximun realization of their potential in an environment encouraging continuous developments so that those talented employees are used in right places is among our main leadership responsibilities. We keep our performance bar at a high level in all we do and aim to achieve excellence. We develop innovative approaches to achieve better results. Our responsibility towards all members of the AvivaSa family begins on the first day you join our company.

We are ready to embark upon a journey with right people with skills best suited to the company's needs and can become our strategic partners based on a culture that is reliable and constantly refined and lays emphasis on success and people and fully committed to enjoying life.


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