Long-Term Life Insurance

Long-Term Life Insurance

Designate your policy period as at least 5 years in the AvivaSA Long-term Life Insurance and protect yourself and your loved ones against the risks of the life for a long period.

Why Should You Prefer the Long-term Life Insurance?

The life can bring charms and difficult situations in the long period. The Long-term Life Insurance Policy draws you and your loved ones away from the concerns by assuring you and yourselves for at least 5 years; and it helps you to enjoy the life for a long period.

Furthermore, within the scope of the Long-term Life Insurance, you can designate your guarantee amount in TL, USD or EURO-indexed manner; and you can also determine your route in financial terms according to your preference against the probable situations.

Long-Term Life Insurance
Who can benefit?
All persons between the age of 18 and 70.
*The sum of the age of the insured and the insurance period shall not exceed 80 when only the death coverage is chosen and this sum shall not exceed 65 when the death coverage and the additional disability coverage is chosen collectively.
Long-Term Life Insurance
Policy Period
Minimum 5 years and maximum 30 years.    

Which coverages are comprised?

  • Death Coverage
  • Complete and Permanent Disability Coverage In Consequence of an Accident or Disease.

* The insured persons between the age of 20 and 60 may also benefit from disability coverages in consequence of an accident or disease.

How is the coverage amount determined?

You can determine the coverage amount pursuant to your preference in accordance with your necessities. Besides, you can designate the coverage amount in TL, USD or EURO-indexed manner by choosing one of the fixed or diminishable coverages for every year.

Long-Term Life Insurance
The currency of the AvivaSA Long-term Life Insurance is TL, USD and EURO.    
Long-Term Life Insurance
Premium Amount
The premium amount is determined according to the age, gender, period of the chosen coverage amount and the payment method.    

Is any tax advantage available?

Yes. Provided that 15% of your monthly gross wage and the annual gross minimum wage is not exceeded, you can benefit from the tax advantage.

In order to receive more detailed information regarding the tax advantage, you can examine our web page named the Life Insurance Tax Advantage.

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Where and how can I purchase the Long-term Life Insurance?


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