AvivaSA offers Continuing Education Insurance to enable your child to complete his/her education under all circumstances.

Why Continuing Education Insurance?

We all want our children to have a good education. We make efforts for them to attend the best schools. But what if our efforts fail one day?

Continuing Education Insurance meets all the expenses for your child to continue his/her education in case of an event that may have an adverse impact on your financial condition.

Who may benefit?

Parents aged 18 to 70 or other persons who assume the educational expenses of the child may benefit from Continuing Education Insurance. The insured persons between the ages of 20 and 63 may also benefit from accidental or disease-related disability cover if they wish.

The sum of the age and the insurance term of the insured may not exceed 80 where only the death benefit is selected or 65 where the death benefit and the additional disability benefit are selected.

What are the features of Continuing Education Insurance?

Insurance Term:

You may determine the policy term of Long-Term Life Insurance to be 5 years as a minimum or 20 years as a maximum,

Covered Benefits:

Death Benefit and Accidental or Disease-Related Complete and Permanent Disability.

Amounts of Benefit:

You may determine the amount of benefit as you wish according to your needs. In addition, you may select one of the constant or decreasing benefits for each year and index it to the TL, USD or EURO.

Amount of Premium:

The insurance premium is determined in TL according to age, gender and the monthly salary amount.

How do I get insured?

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