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The Future Is In Your Hands

You will lead a peaceful life far removed from material problems with the savings you create with the Private Pension Plan.

Your Custom-made Life Insurance will cover you and your loved ones against unexpected risks until your retirement days.
When you join the pension system with AvivaSA's The Future Is in Your Hands package, Your Custom-made Life Insurance will cover you, as you go on saving, against risks that may come your way by the time you retire.
Besides, the amount of your benefit in Your Custom-made Life Insurance will decrease as your funds in the Private Pension Plan increase – so you get to pay less premium as your risks diminish.
In addition to all this cover, you can benefit from the S.O.S Emergency Medical Service Support to boot.

Your Custom-made Life Insurance
If life has unpleasant surprises in store, AvivaSA contributors have Your Custom-made Life Insurance!

Why Your Custom-made Life Insurance?

Congratulations! You have your retirement safeguarded with the Private Pension System (PPS). But are your life and those of your family members and your loved ones covered against unexpected occurrences until you retire?

As a PPS contributor, every moment of your life is protected by Your Custom-made Life Insurance!

Who can benefit?

All of our contributors between the ages of 18 and 55 who have any one of AvivaSA's PPS products may benefit from Your Custom-made Life Insurance. (Owning an AvivaSA PPS product is required only for Your Custom-made Life Insurance taken out under The Future Is in Your Hands package.)

What are the features of Your Custom-made Life Insurance?

  • Term: The term of the policy is one year. Automatic renewals are possible until the age of 65. Please note that premiums will not be guaranteed at renewals.
  • Benefits: Death benefit, critical illness benefit*, Involuntary Unemployment Protection,accidental death benefit, accidental disability (total and partial), accidental medical reimbursement, and accidental death benefit in transportation.
  • * Covers cancer, heart attack, cardiac valve surgery, aorta surgery, coronary artery bypass graft surgery, organ transplant, kidney failure, coma, stroke, blindness, serious burns, multiple sclerosis, total and permanent disability as a result of accident or illness. The dangerous diseases benefit can be set to one half of the primary benefit.
  • The death benefit and the critical illness benefit are compulsory. The remaining benefits are optional
  • You can include more optional benefits of your choice in your policy during renewals and you can change the amount of your benefits.
  • Benefit Amounts: The benefit amounts in Your Custom-made Life Insurance vary depending on your changing requirements during the term of the policy. The premium will be higher in your first year based on the assumption that you have not yet built up your other savings to an adequate level. The unemployment benefit will be determined depending on the amount of the PPS contract contribution
  • Premium: The amount of premium is determined on the basis of age, gender, the benefits selected, and the amounts and types of payment.


You will be covered by both AvivaSA Pension and Life PLC and S.O.S!
When you purchase a Private Pension Plan and Your Custom-made Life Insurance, you benefit from S.O.S Medical Services at the level corresponding to the contributions you pay.

How do I get insured?

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