Life is beautiful.. But there can be days when we face those mishaps we do not even think about. Even if you cannot avoid misfortunes, there is a way to minimise the impact: Life insurance!

Why life insurance?

  • You have a financial asset you can leave to your beloved ones
    in the event of death;
  • If you have children at school, you provide financial support for them to continue their education;
  • In the event of any disability, you continue your life from where you left;
  • You pay low premiums to cover your high treatment expenses following an accident included within the scope of your policy;
  • and In the event that you contact a disease, your expenses will be covered.

In addition, the premiums you pay under life insurance are deductible from the income tax basis for up to a certain amount in accordance with the current tax laws.

What kinds of adversity am I secured against?

Life insurances include primarily "death benefit", which is the main benefit. In the event that the insured person suffers an unwanted circumstance and loses his/her life, the benefits specified in the insurance policy will be paid to the pre-determined beneficiaries or his/her legal heirs, thereby preventing possible financial difficulties. You secure your quality of life through benefits such as Accidental Death, Accidental Disability, Accidental Treatment Expenses and Dangerous Diseases apart from death benefit by paying additional premiums.

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