Pension Income Plan

Pension Income Plan

Remain in the system subsequent to the retirement so that your savings can increase in value by virtue of the fund yield.

Pension Income Plan has different features from all the other Private Pension Plans we offer.

What is Pension Income Plan?

Pension Income Plan has different features from all the other Private Pension Plans we offer. With the savings you will make in our Private Pension Plans, you may transfer your benefits to AvivaSa Pension Income Plan by making a plan change when you are entitled to retire from the Private Pension Plan.

In this way, you can continue to benefit from the tax free earnings offered by the system, whilst you can use your savings under “Scheduled Reimbursement” option according to your needs and whenever you need.

Scheduled Reimbursement

This option offered to you by Pension Income Plan, enables you to plan your savings with either a “Fixed Term” or a “Fixed Amount” alternative.

  • Fixed Period: By defining the period you might need a regular income, you can find out the amount of regular income you can have during such period.
  • Fixed Amount: By defining the amount of regular income you need, you can find out how long your saving would suffice.

If you want, you can have fixed reimbursement amounts or choose an increase index according to CPI, PPI or saving returns.

Reimbursement can be made monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly or annually and you can have interim payments any time you want or leave the system by taking out the entire of your remaining saving.

*Pension Income Plan is the private pension plan numbered 113 of AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş..

EWhere and how can I purchase the Pension Income Plan?

You can immediately call 444 11 11 in order to make an appointment. A nice retirement period is awaiting for you!


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