Start your pension plan with initial capital and take advantages of the Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Plan that you can buy from Akbank branches.

Why Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Plan?

Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Plan allow you to pay initial capital and reach your savings target with no administrative deduction. People who want to enjoy retirement in comfort, Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Plan is just for you!

What kind of advantages do I have in Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Planı?

  • For every TL 100 you deposit in your account under the Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Plan, the state will contribute an additional TL 25, which means the more your contribution, the more you stand to gain. Annual state contribution can not exceed %25 of annual gross minimum wage for all pension contracts.
  • You may determine your contribution as you wish, subject to a minimum contribution.
  • You have the freedom to update your contribution at any time and any rate you wish.
  • You may change fund distributions 6 times a year.
  • You may easily shift to another PPS product. Under Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Plan, you have the right to make a change of plan 4 times a year.

What are the features of Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Plan?

Initial capital: Participants must pay TL 30.000 initial capital in order to benefit from the advantages of the Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Plan.
Minimum Contribution: The monthly minimum contribution which we recommend you pay regularly is TL 243.

Payment period and payment methods: You may pay your contributions on a monthly, tri-monthly, semi-annual or annual basis as you choose. For a regular payment, you may instruct for automatic payment through bank branches or make your payments through your credit card.

Entrance fee:In the Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Planı, your entrance fee will be totally deferred. The deferred part will be calculated on basis of how long the plan has been in the system. The deferred entrance fee will be collected in only the first 5 years if the early withdrawal occurs. The total amount of deductions can be made in the first 5 years of the contract as 8,5% of monthly gross minimum wage for each year. When early withdrawal occurs, administrative fees that have been charged are removed from this amount. The remaining amount will be charged as deferred entrance fee.

Allocation fee:No deduction for administrative expenses in Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Planı.

Premium Holiday: In the event of a suspension of the pension contract, an additional deduction for administrative expenses may be collected for the duration of the suspension up to the maximum limit determined by the Under secretariat of the Treasury out of the principal amount accumulated. The said deduction is set at TL 2 for each full month, but this amount is not taken in this plan. Should the suspension last longer than one year, the fixed costs associated with the private pension account paid by our company to the Pension Monitoring Center will be deducted from the principal amount accumulated.

Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Plan is AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat's individual retirement plan – The Plan 159

How do I get insured?

The Prestijli Emekliliğe Yatırım Planı is available in all branches of Akbank. A beautiful retirement awaits you!

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