Why Unemployment Insurance for Pension Plan?

Surely, we work for our future and loved ones. You have your retirement dreams and invest a certain amount of your regular monthly income in the Private Pension System (PPS) to make these dreams real. What if you suddenly lost your job or were incapacitated?

If you are interested in minimizing the material hardships that would come up as a result of death, accident, or illness or in the event of losing your job, you can make a move to safeguard your loved ones by taking out Unemployment Insurance for Pension Plan.

Incase of involuntary unemployment, your PPS contribution is paid up to 6 months by Unemployment Insurance for Pension Plan. And so, you will not postpone retirement dreams.

Who is eligible?

If you have a PPS contract, you are eligible for Unemployment Insurance for Pension Plan.

What is the insurance term?

The policy term is 1 year. It is automatically renewed. There is no premium guarantee.

What are the benefits?

Death Benefit, Involuntary Unemployment, Accidental or Disease-Related Temporary Disability and Daily Hospital Benefits.

How are the amounts of benefit determined?

Death Benefit may be determined in the fixed amount of TL 10,000 or Unemployment Benefit in a maximum amount of TL 750 for up to the contribution under the PPS contract.

What is the amount of premium?

The amount of premium is calculated according to your age at the time of starting insurance, your gender and the amounts of benefit you select.

How do I get insured?

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