About Us

About Us

One of Turkey's leading private pension and life insurance companies, AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat was established on 31 October 2007. The shares at the rate of 20% of AvivaSA which was established according to the principle of equal partnership between Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding A.Ş. which constitutes one of the most powerful groups of Turkey and the Belgian insurance company Ageas having a heritage spanning almost 200 years, are traded in the Istanbul Stock Exchange with the code of “AVISA”.

In the sector in which 17 companies in total carry on business, AvivaSA is in the leading position on the basis of the private pension fund size with its 18.6 per cent market share, fund size over 24.7 billion TL including the state contribution and over 737 thousand participants. In 2016, AvivaSA won the “Founder of the Pension Fund With the Highest Value of Portfolio” award within the context of the “TCMA Capital Market Awards” that was granted by the Turkish Capital Markets Association (TCMA) within the context of the Capital Markets Congress.

AvivaSA which conducts its activities with pursuant to the objective of “relieving the persons from the fear of uncertainty” provides to its customers its innovative products in the areas of AvivaSA “private pension”, “life insurance” and “personal accident insurance” by means of its unique multi distribution channel structure; and AvivaSA provides services by its strong bancassurance network comprising the Akbank associations, agencies, telesales channel and its corporate projects team which make cooperation with Akbank, in addition to the largest direct sales team of Turkey. AvivaSA which provides solutions which are specific solutions to the persons and corporations develops pension plans which are specific for the persons by virtue of its financial consultancy service within the scope of which the financial positions of the individuals are reviewed and examined in real terms. Furthermore, AvivaSA assures the individuals and their families against the unexpected risks brought by the life through its life insurance products.

The company became the first private pension company subsequent to the commencement of the private pension system in Turkey. Also, the public offering of AvivaSA constituted the greatest public offering of 2014 in Istanbul Stock Exchange with the public offering size of 330.8 million TL. Subsequent to our public offering, no greater public offerings were executed. The market value of the company which was approximately 1.6 billion TL in the course of the public offering executed in November 2014 is at 2.6 billion TL level pursuant to the final data.

AvivaSA which is under the management of CEO Fırat Kuruca has approximately 1,400 employees.


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