At All Ages Project

At All Ages Project

Strategy: To guide the preparation for agedness of the society in our country and to transform the negative perception which was created in the society to positive perception.

Approach: We aim to both explain our At All Ages project to our employees and to ensure interaction with the society within the framework of a responsible understanding. In this context, AvivaSA also designs the works conducted by it with the sense of long-term responsibility.

Why “At All Ages”

Turkey constitutes one of the countries whose population is rapidly aging. Raising awareness with regard to the aging constitutes one of the most important agenda items for the future. Within the scope of the “At All Ages” corporate social responsibility project within the scope of which bringing to the agenda of the matters with regard to agedness and aging more frequently and raising awareness is aimed, works for embracing the matter were executed during 2019. AvivaSA announced to the public by means of a comprehensive launch the results of the “Research With Regard to the Aging Apprehensions and Practices in Turkey” which constitutes the first step of the project. The information which were produced from this research and the information obtained from the experts were collected into a book and they were shared with the relevant stakeholders in order for them to constitute a guide within the scope of the works to be executed in the academic and social sphere.

Furthermore, the stakeholder workshop was conducted by AvivaSA and 4 critical below stated items were prioritized.

  • The age range of 25-40 has critical importance in terms of being prepared for the agedness.
  • Information sources are required in terms of the matter.
  • Educating the aged persons regarding their rights is required.
  • It is necessary to design specific projects for the aged persons.

In order to examine the results of the research titled the “Aging Apprehensions and Practices in Turkey”, please click.

Living to the Fullest at All Ages

By setting off by these priorities, the portal named “Living to the Fullest At All Ages” ( was put into practice in order to guide the preparation of the society for the aging and to transform the negative perception which was created in the society to positive perception. Within the scope of the portal which was positioned as a channel by means of which all communications that were prepared in the context of the project would be presented and disseminated, the recommendations with respect to travel, culture, health and nutrition in addition to the contents that contribute to the shaping of the perception with regard to the matters such as preparation for the aging and the participation of the aged persons to the social life are also available. The scientific researches and contents which raise awareness of the persons who follow the legal notifications are also presented to the users in the Facebook and Instagram account which were opened under the name of At All Ages.

2020 Plans

  • In terms of the age discrimination, we commenced an awareness communication upon receiving the opinions of the relevant experts in the web site and the social media accounts.
  • In order to generalize the project, both the in-house training planning and the communication planning along with the external stakeholders were conducted.
  • “Preparation for the Aging Guide” and “Living With the Aged Persons Guide” shall be prepared.
    • Sponsorship support for the congresses, platforms and sports activities with regard to the matter
    • Cooperation with the municipalities
    • Social media communication
    • Media and Press communication

In order for you to obtain more information regarding the project and to follow our contents, we await you to the web page named that constitutes the guide of Turkey with regard to the living to the fullest at all ages.


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