Payment Protection Insurance, which you may obtain through all Akbank Branches and Akbank Call Center, are there to meet all your needs and to secure yourself and your beloved ones even if you lose your job.

Why is the Payment Proctection?

We work and earn money for the people we value, people who have a significant place in our lives. Their happiness and life is of immediate concern to us. Well, what if you suddenly lost your job or were incapacitated?

If you are interested in minimizing the material hardships that would come up as a result of accidental death, disability or in the event of losing your job, you can make a move to safeguard your loved ones by taking out Payment Protection Insurance.

Who is Eligible?

All Akbank customers aged 18 to 60 may benefit from the Payment Protection Insurance.

What are the features of Payment Protection Insurance ?
  • Term of policy: 1 year
  • Benefits: Accidental death, Disability, Involuntary unemployment*
Packages Accidental Death Disability Involuntary Unemployment
Packages 1 1.200 TL 1.200 TL 150 TL
Packages 2 2.400 TL 2.400 TL 300 TL
Packages 3 4.000 TL 4.000 TL 500 TL
Packages 4 6.000 TL 6.000 TL 750 TL
Packages 5 8.000 TL 8.000 TL 1.000 TL
How do I get Insured?

You can visit Akbank Branch in order to apply.

How do I get Insured?

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